Current Band Vacancies

Skipton Brass currently has an almost full band: but there are always more seats to fill with additional players.

We are currently looking for a soprano player  due to our previous Soprano player heading back to uni to train to be a music teacher. We are also looking for a First Baritone for after Christmas as our current player is going to take some time off for work and family commitments. He will be greatly missed.

If anyone would like to come and join the back row – Third or Second Cornet … we have room to expand too – there is always room for more chairs…

Skipton Brass is a friendly and enthusiastic organisation and will welcome any application as we have players who are able to swap positions to help enhance the band further.

Please contact us.

We also welcome guest players from near and far to join rehearsals, and also help us out when regular players are unable to make an engagement.

You can contact us as above for more information or to arrange to attend one of our rehearsals: Monday 7:15 till 9:15 at Skipton Academy.