The Sound Of Skipton

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With an almost full house, solos, a duet, a packed programme, a feature from our training band, an advent calendar and a Halloween bucketful of chocolates, October’s concert certainly had something for everyone.

October’s concert was the first indoor concert that the band have given for a while and was something the band had been working towards for the past few months. Featuring a wide range of music including solos and a duet from some of our key players in the band; the evening was a great success. With help from Veronica and the Team from Holy Trinity Church and the Skipton Churches Together group, the organisation on the evening was flawless and the refreshments were a great success.

The band played a variety of music including a very moving rendition of Nirmod which was ‘accidentally’ timed both beautifully and poignantly with the ringing of the church bells and as a result will be being played again during the Armistice Day service in a few weeks time.

Gateway Brass also made their debut as a group in their own right – helped out by a few members of the main band as well and they also joined in with the main band too for one item.

The positive comments from the audience and the messages we have received since have been great to hear and read and we hope to be able to develop this idea of regular indoor concerts further in the future.

Thank you again to everyone who helped on the night and with the publicity and especially to Veronica and her team at Holy Trinity Church and the members from the Skipton and District Churches Together group.

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