Skipton’s Sunshine and Sheep

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Sunshine, Sheep and Skipton – not three words you often put together but the sunshine at this year’s Sheep Day on Skipton’s High Street really was very different to many of the slightly wetter and colder Sheep Days we have had over the years.

The weather has been so nice in fact that for the last couple of weeks that we have even taken to rehearsing outside in an attempt to keep ourselves cooler. Due to the location of our bandroom at The Skipton Academy, it means that when we play outside our sounds is carried across the park and down towards the town!

Sheep Day was a huge success for the town with the High Street filled with entertainment and stalls and with the occasional young farmer screaming as they were dropping from a great height into what we were told was cold water, the town had a great buzz to it – as it does with all the events that are organised.

Well done to all involved.

With visitors coming from all over the country, it really is one of Skipton’s flagship events of the year and the band are always proud to appear as part of the day’ entertainment which always showcases local talent and up and coming artists and groups..

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