September’s Sunshine in Skipton and Silsden!

Posted on 9th October 2016 by


Saturdays in the sunshine in Skipton and on Silsden Moor.

Having spent most of the summer under the Gazebo, September’s events were a much warmer and sunnier affair! On Saturday the 10th we played outside the Town Hall in Skipton for a couple of hours to the delight of the shoppimg_5921ers and visitors to the town. A large crowd gathered as we played through our summer repertoire and despite the mix up and double booking with Keighley’s Salvation Army Band, everyone got to play and enjoyed the morning. Several band members helped out the Salvation Army Band prior to our performance and their lovely selections of hymns was well received by all who were listening.

img_6018Another job this September took place on Silsden Moor where the band were invited to play at a house warming event. The event on the moor was a great success and playing whilst looking out across to the twinkling lights of Haworth was an experience to remember – as were the toilets – and for all the right reasons. You don’t often get told ‘you need to go and see the toilets’ but with the perfume, hand cream and other toiletries and décor, these toilets had to be the ‘poshest portaloos’ that the band had ever used! img_6014

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