Out and About in Skipton

Posted on 9th July 2017 by


Summer and Brass Bands seem to go hand in hand but for Skipton Brass – being based in Yorkshire often means the sun is going to shine but the peg bag is always well used!

Despite the drizzle at Malhamdale, we have been very fortunate so far this year that our events have been dry and warm – with just a few strong gusts to keep us on our toes, or rather our feet on the stands. The average piece of piece of music needs at least four pegs, but some of them at Sheep Day this year needed a few more – especially when there were the page turns. Playing down by the Canal Basin in the middle of June had the added danger of music flying off into the canal so we probably pegged a little more than usual. It’s not the sort of thing you tend to think you have to remember when playing an instrument, but on windy days – remembering to put a few of your own pegs in your pocket as you leave the house can make your life a little easier and safer when playing outside.


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