Band comings and goings…

Under the ever watchful eye of  Jack Smith the band continues to grow and develop but players move on as their lives take them out of the area and new ones come to join us.

Last year saw lots of movements within the band with people leaving as their careers took them away, others relocating around the country and some just taking a step back from banding due to family or work commitments. The great thing was as one player left, stepped back or moved sideways, there was always someone else to take their place and the band really has adapted and grown together as these changes have happened.

The formal concerts during the year were really well attended and were opportunities for the band to really establish itself in the local community and the plan had been for the first of this year’s concerts to be in April. The music was ready, Gateway Brass members were all going to be there on the night and posters were about to be printed and then things changed. Now all we can do is wait, STAY AT HOME and keep working on our music on our own… who knows if we will ‘zoom’ together, ‘hangout’ together or have a ‘house party’… as long as we all come through this with our band family intact – that is the main thing!

Many of our players have worked throughout the lockdown as key workers in lots of different roles just like in many bands around the country. We have all appreciated everything they have been doing for us and want to say a huge THANK YOU

The band are always keen to welcome new members who wish to double up on positions and due to the talents within the band we have several players who would move position should the right person come along.

Only rehearsing once a week means it is not a major commitment and with a sensible events programme, players manage to slot playing in the band into their hectic lives. From school students to decorators and HGV drivers to Health Care professionals, the band  is made up of a range of players of different ages and abilities but who all work together to promote live music at local events. Like with many local lower section bands, some of our players also play with other bands and this helps develop the friendships between local bands and also means bands help each other out when they are short of players for concerts. Some of our players even went to France with a local band to help out a year or so ago! We are always keen to welcome new players and ex members alike  and anyone thinking of joining us – please contact our secretary via the contact us page.