A new face in the bandroom!

Skipton Brass is pleased to welcome Jack Smith as our new conductor.

Jack comes to us with a wealth of experience and a real understanding of where the band is and where it wants to go in the future. Even within the short time he has been with us, the band feels different – having someone in the middle who is there sharing their vision and developing players through the rehearsal is both supportive and challenging and everyone is working together with the same common goal.

His first outing with the band was at Malham Safari followed closely by Ripon and for someone who has only conducted the band four times and one of those was his audition – Jack knew the band had to trust him 100% with everything he did. The mutual trust was incredible and resulted in the added bonus of winning a prize at Ripon. The prize was for best Hymn Tune and can here heard here. Longer term plans are already being discussed, with concert dates being discussed and in due course added to the jobs list – something the band were understandably reluctant to plan whilst in the transition period between conductors.

Skipton Brass has current vacancies within the band for a Principal Cornet Player. Our current front row needs the commitment from a full time principal cornet player who will help them develop as players and be there to lead the section. There is also a vacancy for a Solo Trombone as our ex Solo Trombone player has moved away from the area and is off to university next year as well.

The band are always keen to welcome new members who wish to double up on positions and due to the talents within the band we have several players who would move position should the right person come along.

Only rehearsing once a week means it is not a major commitment and with a sensible events programme, players manage to slot playing in the band into their hectic lives. From school students to decorators and HGV drivers to Health Care professionals, the band  is made up of a range of players of different ages and abilities but who all work together to promote live music at local events. Anyone thinking of joining us – please contact our secretary via the contact us page.