May is a month of firsts

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A month of Firsts.

The most important ‘first’ was the first rehearsal with our newly appointed Musical Director Jack Smith.

Jack comes to the band with a wealth of relevant experience, interesting ideas and a shared common goal for the band. He wants to help us improve, develop in confidence and also develop as a band; bringing everyone with us and both pushing and supporting us at the same time. He is not shying away from challenges and will conduct us with just three rehearsals under his belt – clearly showing his determination, trust in the band and likewise the band’s trust in him.


The second ‘first’ saw our recent group of Gateway Brass players (three of whom have only been learning since September) come together for their first ensemble playing.

Although some of the more experienced Gateway members have done this before, for three players this was a first and a daunting, yet rewarding experience. The simple arrangements allowed them all to have their own parts and play independently whilst also developing ensemble skills and hopefully being the start of their love of playing in a brass band together.


The final ‘first’ last weekend saw Skipton Brass undertake playing in five different venues around the town in less than 5 hours.

Easy some might say – not so easy with a film crew, chairs, stands, music and of course a group of 19 musicians! A group of students from Craven College filmed and photographed the event and the results will be used to help promote Skipton in the future and despite the stressful organisation, the ‘flash mob’ style playing of a band appearing… playing for a bit and then disappearing off into their cars – the event was still fun and those who were able to be involved had a good time and the audiences definitely enjoyed the experience.

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