It’s a family affair…

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Whilst sitting and playing on Monday night it struck me just how much of a family orientated band Skipton Brass has always been.

On Monday night there were a total of six families playing with the band, five couples and one father and 2 sons. The band has always had couples and families playing with them but I think Monday’s rehearsal was the first in a long time where we had six. The band has often felt like an extended family to many as well and watching players grow up move away and then come back to the band is always a pleasure.


Last Christmas an ex learner band player from many years ago came back to play with us while he was back from university – studying music of course on his chosen instrument the Euphonium (which was what he learnt to play back in the days when the band rehearsed in the Church Crypt). This summer we played at the wedding of an ex player from the band who had played with us while at secondary school and recently we welcomed back Brian who has come back to play with the band after having several years away from playing. He is currently one of the nine hiding on the back row while he ‘gets his lip in’ but was still caught smiling away at one of the recent jobs on the High Street in Skipton – despite the inclement weather.

My own journey links with my own family as I only started playing with the band started when my boyfriend persuaded me to go along and play and several years later I ended up conducting the band on our wedding day (to the aforementioned boyfriend) in the church above the Crypt where we rehearsed. Since then I’ve watched many families come and go and waved off numerous students to university and also watched as several players have stepped back from playing to focus on their own families. The band is a family in itself and it will continue to grow and develop over time and of course just like in any family there are disagreements but things are always forgotten when the playing starts. Brass bands have a reputation for this family feel and it is something Skipton should be very proud of having had over the years.

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