Christmas is coming…

Posted on 25th November 2018 by


It may only be November but with several Christmas events already completed we are starting to feel the festive season us upon us.

Walking round the supermarket today I found myself needing to explain the Christmas tee-shirt I was wearing. Yesterday I forgot and went all the way round the local supermarket complete with Christmas antlers and didn’t understand why I had so many strange looks. It was only when I got into the car and I heard the bells jingle as they got caught on the roof that I realised why – oops!

Saturday was the light switch on in Addingham and today was Skipton. As well as the switch on today we have also played for the Santa Fun Run and we held an early Carol Concert in Skipton Town Hall. As usual both the Skipton and Addingham events have been really well attended and it is always nice to hear from people and their reasons for the ‘Brass Band at Christmas’ being an important part of their Christmas to them. Today I spoke to a lovely lady who was in a nursing home in Cornwall who had been listening on someone’s phone to us playing carols. She thanked me, and told me how she loved hearing brass bands playing carols and apologised for not being there in person to support the band! Another lady on the street today shared her reasons too with myself and several other band members as to why hearing a band at Christmas is so special and it really is a privilege to be able to be part of something that means so much to so many people at this time of year.

We hope to see and chat to many more of you over the next few weeks and please share your memories with us too. Grassington Dickensian Market, Malham Cove Carol Concert and Skipton Christmas Market are all on the menu next weekend. Let’s hope I remember to take the antlers off when I get back into the car this time…


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