Christmas Carols 2020

Posted on 24th December 2020 by


Masks, bell covers and hand gel are not the top three things you would need to have had this time last year while out carolling, but all were essential this year and they have meant we could finally get out and play a few carols on the streets. Several pages of risk assessments and lots of advice had been taken but we were out and about in Skipton trying to put a few smiles back on people’s faces and we tried to make Christmas a bit more like we all want it to be.

It’s been so hard for the band as half the band cannot even come to Skipton to help play so we have relied on those living with Tier 2 postcodes, but it all worked out well and despite the wind and the rain everyone was in good spirits and those listening – from a safe distance have enjoyed it.

Those of us who were exiled from playing with the main band as we are in Tier 3 have though, manged to have a couple of socially distanced outdoor rehearsals and we managed to blow away the cobwebs and enjoy some carols. Huge thanks to the Swan Public House in Addingham who let us use their new outdoor space and we will be back once you are open again for a drink next time!

We know things have changed a lot at the last minute and things aren’t the way we had planned them but we have come this far and we will continue to get through this.

We wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Christmas time; Stay safe, keep washing those hands and see you in the New Year – whatever that will look like – who knows…

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