The Dales are alive … with the sound of music!

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Saturday saw the annual Littondale Fete in Arncliffe and Skipton Brass provided a musical accompaniment to the afternoon’s event.

Littondale and sign

We were very grateful to our temporary / guesting / sadly off to France soon – Sop player who took up the baton for the afternoon as he has done for the past few weeks and conducted us admirably through the pieces. Having had Beni working with us over the last few weeks has been a real pleasure and we are so grateful he put aside his desire to play and helped us out in the way he has done.

The fell race started to a traditional brass band march but the runners certainly weren’t hanging around to just march past. Considering the distance they had ahead of them they left at considerable speed and some returned with just as much energy and gusto nearly 20/30 minutes later while others took a little longer to complete the course.


The afternoon showed just what the community spirit is like in Dales as everyone from the village and the surrounding area attended the event and in true Yorkshire style tea was served mid afternoon and players enjoyed a good Yorkshire cuppa as they played for the local community. We love playing at events like this as well as at formal concerts and having members of our band who actually live in the village and the surrounding area makes it all the more special for us.IMG_5295

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