Back Row Bonanza

Posted on 5th November 2017 by


Nine on the back row and four on the front…

That was the playing formation last Monday and that was without a Soprano player – for whom we still have a vacancy. With nine back row cornet players, we no longer just have one back row, we have had to move to a three row formation. It’s great news having so many players, it’s just fun juggling the stands and the music and not to mention the mutes! One of the reasons for the increase in numbers is the development of Gateway Brass players. Some of the players are now spending the first half and some weeks the whole rehearsal playing with the band and gaining valuable playing experience. They may sometimes lack confidence at times but when they know their notes their parts really come through and they really help develop the strength on the back row (and the extra back row) at Skipton. Gateway Brass was started several years ago with Wilbur taking the leading role in developing the skills of the players. It’s great that he now too is back playing with the band and can see the fruits of his labour and the ladies currently on the ‘back’ back row know they have a lot to thank him for: his encouragement and support at the very start got them to where they are now. Some of the Gateway players will be joining us as we are out and about over the Christmas season so if you catch the eye of the ones at the back, give them an extra smile and wave.

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