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Christmas is coming…

25th November 2018


It may only be November but with several Christmas events already completed we are starting to feel the festive season us upon us. Walking round the supermarket today I found myself needing to explain the Christmas tee-shirt I was wearing. Yesterday I forgot and went all the way round the local supermarket complete with Christmas […]

100 Years of Remembrance

11th November 2018


Today saw Skipton doing what it does best – coming together. The high street was packed, the church had standing room only and the rain and drizzle did not dampen the memories, the thoughts or wash away the notes. The parade contained acting service men and women, musicians, retired officers and generals, school children, scouts, […]

The Sound Of Skipton

1st November 2018


With an almost full house, solos, a duet, a packed programme, a feature from our training band, an advent calendar and a Halloween bucketful of chocolates, October’s concert certainly had something for everyone. October’s concert was the first indoor concert that the band have given for a while and was something the band had been […]

Skipton’s Summer

2nd August 2018


Summer 2018 The year the sun remembered to shine! Summers come and go but the summer of 2018 will be remembered for a while for all the right reasons… it was a proper summer with sun and shorts and sunny evenings! The band have been rehearsing hard over the past few weeks, with new solos […]

Skipton’s Sunshine and Sheep

3rd July 2018


Sunshine, Sheep and Skipton – not three words you often put together but the sunshine at this year’s Sheep Day on Skipton’s High Street really was very different to many of the slightly wetter and colder Sheep Days we have had over the years. The weather has been so nice in fact that for the […]