A Yorkshire Summer

Posted on 24th August 2019 by


From the wind and the rain in Littondale to the late summer sun in Burnsall the band have had a true Yorkshire summer this year.

Littondale was a little wetter than in previous years and the poor trombone section seemed to spare the rest of the band from the worst of the downpours but everyone left the afternoon considerably damper than when they arrived. The images of the fell runners showed they too had to content with slipping and sliding around and some of them came back literally covered in mud, whilst others seemed remarkably clean. Burnsall on the other hand was a day of sunshine and heat and the band jackets didn’t even make the packing list for many on the day. The crowds in Burnsall had been drawn in by the sun and the nice weather and every inch of riverbank was filled with many taking to the river to cool down throughout the afternoon. The sports events ran alongside the fell race and the ever popular Pet Show was a hard one to judge due to the large number of four legged entrants. With runners coming from all over the North of England, the different fell races were well attended and the winners came from far and wide.

The band played throughout the afternoon and the solos from Janet and Wilbur were very much appreciated and we also appreciated the help from our extra trombonist who often comes and joins us AFTER completing the road race!

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